[TowerTalk] Re: I'll bite, how does it work

Bob Allen bob@picturesperfect.com
Mon, 15 May 2000 22:41:25 -0500

This might work some places around the country, but I would like to see it
done in the Texas Hill Country on top of a hill that is made of solid rock.
 Jack hammers are the norm out here if you are going more than a foot or 18


At 05:45 PM 05/11/2000 -0500, K0FF wrote:
>Well first the typo said the rod is 5/6, of course that should read 5/8.
>RE groundrod installation with no hammer etc.
>Take a spoon and dig a little hole about the size of a beer can, and about
>half as deep. pour maybe 1/2 cup of water in it. Pick up the groundrod and
>with the pointy end down, using only it's own weight, stick it into the
>hole. When it hits bottom it will go in a few inches or so. Immediately pull
>it back out again, and watch the water go down into the little hole the rod
>just made. As soon as it fills up, stick it in the hole again. It's the
>water that extends the hole, not the metal rod. Keep this up for a few
>minutes, and keep the hole supplied with water. Towards the end, you'll be
>pulling the rod out 7 feet and more, with almost zero effort.
>The darned method even breaks up those little pebbles that you invariably
>hit. The only trick is to don't force it, just pull it out again right away,
>and keep everything wet.
>I know no-one will believe this unless he's seen it done.
>You'll note that electrician types like to use familiar reference when
>giving measurements: beer cans, hammer handles etc.
>Also most electricians don't have to fill the beer can up with water the
>second time. Assuming they drank the beer at lunch.....and no one is
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>>Unless you've actually seen one installed by an electrician, using a beer
>>full of water, and his bare hands, you simply won't believe it. The real
>>thing- 8' by 5/6, copper over steel. No hammers,nothing but a little water,
>>and his two hands, and won't even break a sweat.
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