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Sun, 1 Oct 2000 20:08:17 EDT

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> I'm also looking for information on grounding systems, and looked at
>  the Uni-Kit.   If you use conventional coax, do you still use the
>  Uni-kit?   Does it simply clamp around the coax, or do you have to cut
>  away the outer insulation to have it contact the braided ground?
    You need to make an electrical connection so you cut the outer jacket 
away and clamp the ground kit to it. Be sure to weatherproof adequately with 
vapor wrap and Scotch 33/88 electrical tape. A coating of Liquid Electrical 
Tape wouldn't hurt either. 

>  Another question, is it better to use multistrand copper wire for your
>  ground wires from the tower legs rather than an equivilant size of
>  solid wire??   I plan to use #4 solid copper but saw some multistrand
>  at home depot the other day.

    Solid is what you should use. Over time multistrands will oxidize and 
their resistance will increase which is what you're trying to avoid with 
ground wires. 

>  Would it be even better to take a piece
>  of 5/8" dia. copper water pipe and flatten it to use it as a copper
>  "strap"??  I looked at the copper straps from Polyphaser and they
>  seemed very expensive for thin copper material.  

    Sure - you can flatten copper pipe but you can't really bend it in use 
since each bend will create additional inductance which is what you're trying 
to minimize. The other issue is how will you interface it with your other 
devices (ground rods, tower legs, etc.)? Yes, putting in an adequate ground 
system ain't cheap. If you're in a lightning-prone area, this is one thing 
NOT to skimp on. 

    Use the right materials and techniques and you'll be fine. Make typical 
ham compromises and take your chances with its effectiveness. 

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