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> I put up a 50' tower and used 3/16" (Next size up from 1/4" - the first size
>  that uses guy grips). I think if you look, the ultimate strength (breaking
>  strenght) on the Phillystran is higher than the EHS for the same diameter. 
>  think the spec that Phillystran publishes is "working strenght" which is 
>  safe strenght for an application. The working strenght is a derating from 
> the breaking strenght.

    Actually Phillystran uses EHS as their equivalent. The terms in effect 
are 'ultimate breaking strength' and 'tension', not 'working load' (that's 
for haul ropes). 

Size            UBS         Final working tension (10% of UBS)
3/16" EHS       4000#           400#
HPTG4000        4000#           400#
1/4"# EHS       6700#           670#
HPTG6700        6700#           670#

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