[TowerTalk] Is spacer necessary between HAM II and tower rotor plate??

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> Is a spacer necessary between a HAM II rotor and the tower rotor plate?
>  There is not much spacing between the rotator and the tower rotor
>  plate.  I was concerned that ice could possibly form in this area and
>  give me trouble.  Perhaps it is nothing to worry about as the rotator
>  may be able to simply break any offending ice that would form in this
>  area.  I do not know so I thought I would ask the experts.
>  I can cut a rectangular hole in the rotor plate to gain access to the
>  rotator electrical connections.

    If your rotor plate doesn't have the over-sized hole that accomodates the 
terminal strip, then you need to either enlarge the hole so that it does (and 
the wires don't touch/short out on the plate) or raise the bottom of the 
rotator up. Hy-Gain used to make a plate just for that purpose but you can 
use bushings, big nuts, washers, etc. to do the same thing. Current Rohn 
plates have the enlarged hole already. 

    I don't know personally of any 'ice under the rotator' problems but maybe 
someone else has. The potential problem might be more electrical than 

Cheers,   Steve    K7LXC
Tower Tech

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