[TowerTalk] Open wire line some important points

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Sat, 16 Sep 2000 06:07:38 -0600

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On Thu, 14 Sep 2000  Bob Otto <N8NGA@one.net> writes:
> Hello Tom,
> I'm committed to using coax (I'll get that outta the way!  <G>).  I
> will have three antennas I think, a Force12 C31XR, Force12 WARC 2/2,
> and a Force12 MAG 240N on top of a 88' or 96' aluminum Heights 
> Tower. (yes, I reduced it from the planned 112' to increase wind sail 
> margin for the three antennas). 

	I like 115 ft +/- for high HF antenns because that puts
	the second lobe at useful higher angles during daytime
	conditions.   80 to 100 ft is fine for nighttime conditions,
	especially on 40, 30, and 20M.  I find 80 to 100 ft to be
	inferior to higher or lower antennas during the day on the
	higher bands.  N4KG

> I will need three runs of coax approximately  150' in length.  
> What coax would you all recommend as the BEST coax
> for durability and least loss?  Single center wire or multistrand?

	For runs of less than 200 ft, some of the newer low loss
	cables is the best solution IMHO.  N4KG

> What kind of connectors? If I use a hardline, should I use 
> multistrand for the last 20' at the top for rotation of the antennas 
> or do I negate the advantage of using hardline by adding a coupling?

	I cringe at the price of hardline connectors.  I solder
	the center of my flexible coax to the center of my 
	CATV hardline and hose clamp the braid / ground lug
	to the shield of my hardline.  Weather proof with an
	open ended plastic medicine bottle aimed upside down.
> I will also have 2M/70CM antennas on the side of the tower at lower
> heights.  What is recommended there?   The coax length would be
> probably 100'-150'.

	Hardline could be useful here.  N4KG
> Bob Otto
> N8NGA@one.net
> Cincinnati, Ohio

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