[TowerTalk] Propagation / Beam Headings Responses

Tom Rauch W8JI@contesting.com
Sun, 17 Sep 2000 19:55:30 -0400

> Sylvan,
> Propagation prediction tools are useful IF you recognize their
> limitations.

I almost never find them useful on 160 meters. Some of the worse 
predicted days turn out to be the best! 

> Second, I have NEVER seen a propagation program that 
> correctly predicts the enhancements seen on the Low Bands 

Amen to that!   

Some days there is a sunrise or sunset DIP in propagation!

Other days, there is no enhancement. That happened today on 160 
meters, and the path to VK was skewed 45 degrees from normal. 
At sunrise, the path swung back west (normal) but signals never 
> Also, I have NEVER seen a propagation program which shows 
> the SKEW Paths or Long Paths with skewing which thrill us with 
> non-direct path openings to the opposiste side of the globe
> around sunrise and sunset on 160, 80, 40, and 30M.

During the summer, when the programs predicted "bad" 
propagation to Europe, I could work a "LA" (northern Europe) day 
after day on due east path. He reported I was south-west for his 
> Some propagation "experts" have done the DX community
> a serious disservice with inaccurate low band propagation
> information based on unproven theoretical predictions and
> totally ignore recommendations of EXPERIENCED DX'ers
> who have WORKED many exotic DX stations aiming their
> antennas along the terminator to the SOUTH at sunrise
> and sunset.

Check every direction plus and minus 90 degrees! Check every 
day, or you will miss some good stuff. I've seen peaks happen up 
to an hour before sunset/sunrise and at any time in between 
through the darkness on low bands.

Many days, I can work DX off the "grey line" time and they die out 
just when others might expect them to peaks.

73, Tom W8JI

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