[TowerTalk] documenting cabling layout, etc.

n7ws@azstarnet.com n7ws@azstarnet.com
Fri, 22 Sep 2000 07:53:06 -0700

At 09:49 AM 9/22/00 -0400, Pete Smith wrote:
>My station is finally getting complex enough that I need to upgrade my
>records.  One thing I'd like to be able to do is prepare wiring diagrams of
>coax, control cables, etc. on the computer.  Does anyone have any
>recommendations for a relatively inexpensive drawing program that has a
>symbol library with most of what I would need?  Ideally, this would include
>switches, relays, and basic electronic components as well as lines and boxes!
>Thanks for any ideas.

You might check out Visio.  It has drag-and-drop "templates" of several
electronic symbols and lots of other stuff; flow charts, states, computer
networks, etc...


Wes  N7WS

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