[TowerTalk] Beverages over radials - summary

Tom Whiteside n5tw@igg-tx.net
Fri, 22 Sep 2000 21:38:44 -0500

My thanks to those sending comments.    Most of the comments said that
running Beverages over radials was to be avoided if possible since Beverages
wonderful characteristics go south over good ground.

W8JI made an interesting comment about being able to hear a signal level
change in a Beverage with one position of his 4-SQ.   That Beverage does not
cross his radial field but is 200 feet away.  He and others suggested that I
will likely be pleased at just how well the 4-SQ hears...   This is an
exciting prospect!

Received another particularly interesting comment from an person
successfully having some ground radial and Beverage overlap.   He did what
he could to avoid this but is pleased with the performance of the system.

>From all these inputs, I have re-architected my Beverage system.  This will
be the third time so I'm getting practiced at moving the critters...    In
the new system, I made some compromises on headings - these should not be
noticeable given these are only 2 wavelengths for 80M and 1 wavelength for
160M.   The NW/SE and NE/SW Beverages will remain this length and have no
overlap.   The E/W will remain full length but will overlap the 80M radial
field for 17% of it's length.    The N/S gets shorted to 500 feet and
overlaps both the 80M and160M ground screen edges for almost half its
length -my problem child.

Thanks again for the input - you should see how much of my 7 acre lot has or
is going to have antennas or ground radials on it!  What a great hobby!

Tom Whiteside
N5TW Georgetown, TX

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