[TowerTalk] PL258s and Double Males are OK!

David J. Windisch davidw@copper.net
Mon, 25 Sep 2000 19:44:00 -0400

Hi, Mauri:

After we have spent the family fortune on site analysis, ground conductivity
out to 10 miles (25.4km, I think), terrain analysis, location, location,
location, property surveys, tower permit fees, towers, anti-climb panels,
concrete, phillystran guys, steel guys cuz the phillystran got roughed up,
riggers, call-backs, yearly tree trimming, antennas, ground systems, antenna
analyzers, rotators, feedlines, control lines, rigs, *amplifiers*,
comfortable shack furniture, filters, keyers, logging systems, DX bulletins,
attorneys' fees for tower-permit battles, 'net access, rewiring, 2M
DX-squawkboxes, speech therapy for faster talking in fone contests, a
refrigerator for adult beverages, backup power, a log cabin lit by candles
to house this mess, and then we read somewhere that some iconoclast VE1
connects his hardline pieces together with ... WHAT???? cable clamps???? and
hose clamps???? ...

... after all that and a bunch of near-falls, margin-calls, mis-spent
sick-days, wasted vacation days, days spent trying to get with the noise
specialist from the power company, days spent debugging every neighbor's
darned non-receiver which *still* hears our every call and tap of the key,
and other exciting moments spent getting this station together ...

.. you're a bit astonished ... that we don't want to trade a bunch of new
shoes for the children, or clothes for the XYL, for good new hard-line
connectors for us to wreck the first couple while learning that a $100
assembly tool and line-pressurizer-with-nitrogen-tank is needed, or a
smaller bunch of dinners out with the XYL and children, for those darned
used  connectors that have ruined gaskets ...

WEllll!   REEEEally!   The NERve!

You simply don't understand ham radio priorities :-)))  We gotta do the
above for 9 HF bands!   Before the last week in October!   Correct?

73, Dave, K3BHJ

P.S.  There is also a negative side.

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