[TowerTalk] Fused disc hardline and center conductor/connector

Robert Shohet kq2m@mags.net
Wed, 27 Sep 2000 09:19:20 -0400


While preparing to start making stubs and attach them to the connectors, I
noticed that the I need to significantly reduce the diameter of the 3/4"
fused disc hardline center conductor in order for it to fit within the PL258

On this particular hardline, the CC is copper coated, so when you remove the
top part you are back to what I think is aluminum inside.  Aside from making
it tougher to solder to the pl258 with a torch, is there any problem with
this?, that is soldering to the aluminum part of the CC rather than the
copper plate on the outside of the CC?

If this is a problem, would tinning the CC after "shrinking" it and before
soldering to the pl258 shell be of any help?

Your thoughts please...

Tnx & 73

Bob KQ2M

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