[TowerTalk] My 2c about Relays

Zoran Brlecic WA7AA@attbi.com
Fri, 21 Dec 2001 10:22:13 -0800

alex wrote:

> We are using two relays for the output stages. One relay for the output
> function and the other for the input function. This way you can tailor the
> relays individually for bets cost/performance tradeoffs. I recommend for the
> output function an OMRON G8J-1C6T-R-DC12. This is an sturdy automotive, fully
> encapsulated relay rated at 40ADC. We have tested it at 5KW/30MHz for
> 5 minutes and it did survive.
> For the input function I will recommend the G2RL-1-E. This relay could be
> replaced by more mundane one such the Magnecraft W7PCX which is very,very
> tiny :)
> You will thus need  three relays . Two for input (one at the input, the
> other at the output) and an output relay. If you nag me enough I could draw
> a schematic for you :)
> Also, I will _STRONGLY_ advise to use a sequencer (one 10c IC , 4 resistor
> and 4 capacitors) with any complex relay system.

As long as you're going through all this trouble, why not simply buy a (used)
vacuum relay, add a reed-relay for the input, replace the bias circuit and make
the amp full QSK?

73 .......... Zoran WA7AA

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