[TowerTalk] re: quad

Jan.E.Holm@telia.se Jan.E.Holm@telia.se
Fri, 9 Feb 2001 08:02:56 +0100

 Didnīt K3BU make the statement that his razor was 10 dB better
 then the 6L KLM and the KLM was 10 dB better then the 5L Telerex?
 Result would be that the razor thing was 20 dB better then the 
 Telerex, and 30 better then a dipole would follow the same reasoning.
 Why pick on W8JI, I saw this in print myself , so Yuri if you feel
 like picking on people you might as well pick on me too.
 Now, if those razor whiz things are so good why not publish the
 data? If I would have come up with something that good I would
 have been proud to publish it.
 In any case, clames like the above I donīt belive at all, they belong 
 some kind a dream world, ohhh just remembered that back in the
 seventies smoking weed was very common in the states, hmmmm

 73, Jim SM2EKM

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