[TowerTalk] What about hams with small lots???

Ed Goodman n5nug@ix.netcom.com
Fri, 31 Aug 2001 18:24:00 -0500

Hello David,

I have been following with interest the discussion of top loading, short
verticals and now small lots. Compromise is compromise... now how do you
make the best of a lousy situation. That is the real question.  You may have
20 acres and no cash for a large array to take advantage of the real estate.
My particular situation is a small lot, lots of cash and no time. Help me
solve the time problem please...73, Ed - N5NUG

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> I keep seeing 4 squares on 80 and 165 foot towers with stacked 3 el 40
> beams.  Well I suspect that most don't have
> the real estate to use anything like this.    What about effective
> for those of us on small lots (for those fortunate enough
> not to have antenna restrictions).
> I have tried over the years to put up good antennas on my 1/2 acre tree
> filled lot with a two story house in the middle.   I think a large chunk
> hams on the reflector would like how to put together effective,
> stations that overcome the problems of interactions and RFI that I have
> into...Especially for those of us who are trying to work 160 to 10 or even
> VHF.   I think 20 to VHF can be accomplished easy enough, but beyond a 2
> 40 how do we get antennas to put out a large signal on 40, 80 or 160 and
> be an alligator (no RX antenna).
> Then there is the problem of interaction with antennas all over the place.
> I have my ideas ...how about yours?
> Just my two cents...
> 73 Dave K4JRB

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