[TowerTalk] Jobsite Safety Walk-Thru

James jameswarren at swbell.net
Tue Aug 26 12:53:56 EDT 2003

>    Ugh. If you're the guy on the tower - you're in charge. You should have a 
>pre-work meeting to cover safety, tools, and techniques. YOU tell them what 
>to do and what you expect. 

One company I worked a little bit for checked the tension on all the 
gy wires before climbing.

Now a days I run a safety walk-thru as soon as we get on a job site.
I walk the crew around the cell site and point out trip hazards such
as grounding cables and rods, head bump hazards such as ice shields,
low hanging cables, etc., use gloves, hard hat, and safety glasses
ot goggles.

If you do it often enough, it sinks in and you carry that experience 
home with you. Even today, if I have an extesion cord on the garage
floor, instinctively I think "trip hazard" or if I start to cut some-
thing with a knife or saw, I think  "use gloves".

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