[TowerTalk] An Enlightning Experience

Mark . n1lo at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 26 13:47:06 EDT 2003

So glad to hear your Ham equipment survived. I also use a grounded entrance 
panel in my shack's window and leave my equipment disconnected when not 
operating. ALL conductors from the tower are grounded at the panel. It gives 
me a lot of peace of mind when those storms roll through.


Pete wrote:

<< I took the first real lightning strike of my 49-year ham career Friday
evening about 5:30 PM.  It apparently hit my 40-meter yagi at the top of
the tower, about 200 feet from the house.  I was in my shack at the time,
and saw the flash, heard the almost instantaneous bang, and then heard a
loud bang inside the room with me.  Quite impressive!

Having all of the conductors from the tower disconnected appears to have
limited the direct damage, particularly inside the house.....snip...>>

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