[TowerTalk] How to fix a bent tower?

Roger rmurad at superig.com.br
Thu May 1 03:47:42 EDT 2003

Many thanks to all who replied, providing so much information on the 
problem that I described in my message below. I got plenty of good 
suggestions. And thanks for all those hits on my WEB page!
73 de Roger - PY1OL

>Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2003 22:44:33 +0000
>To: towerTalk <towertalk at contesting.com>
>From: Roger <rmurad at superig.com.br>
>Subject: [TowerTalk] How to fix a bent tower?
>I am in the [slow :))] process of installing a lattice, triangular, guyed 
>tower. I plan to put a XM-240 and a 3 ele yagi for 12/17m at its top.
>The tower is all made on steel angle. Starting at the ten meters level, 
>the tower showed a slight inclination. I stoped the installation at the 16 
>meters level and inserted some flat washers between two modules. That 
>corrected the inclination.
>I'd like to know if what I did had compromised the tower. A much better 
>explanation of the problem, including several pictures is at my WEB page:
>Your thoughts will be much appreciated.
>73 de Roger - PY1OL

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