[TowerTalk] anchor failure from corrosion?

VE6JY Don Moman ve6jy at freenet.edmonton.ab.ca
Thu May 1 05:18:52 EDT 2003

If there is a continuous path from one anchor to another, thru the guy wires
(i.e. no insulators) you have a battery and current will flow - how much
depends on the soil, wetness, ph etc.

A rule of thumb is 1 amp flowing for 1 year will remove 20 lbs of material.

Many of my towers do have insulators, but a few don't. I'm not overly
concerned about HF interaction, but I do plan to break them up to stop any
current flow.  I am very interested in measuring the current flow after I do
that, to see what it may have been.

I became more aware of this when a large pipeline was built near to my
property. They maintain cathodic protection of course, and I wanted to make
sure their currents weren't using my anchors as sacrificial anodes. I was
told by their cathodic protection specialist that a large TV tower in
Manitoba was lost due to this action. . The guy was in cement but had about
6 inches of dirt /grass accumulated on top of the anchor, which concentrated
the current flow over a small area.  It eventually failed.

Sleep well...

73 Don

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> I hadn't ever heard of guy anchors on ham radio towers failing because of
corrosion  I'm wondering if it's something all of us need to worry about -
anyone with firsthand experience?
>                 -- Tom

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