[TowerTalk] Lightning Bolt Quad

GEORGE PRITCHARD ab2kc at optonline.net
Wed May 7 00:24:11 EDT 2003

I just finished a quad installation. 3 elements on 20M and 15M, and 4
elements on 10M (dedicated spreader assembly for the driven 10M loop). You
may want to consider a "dual polarity driven element" for one ar all the
bands. I did it on 10M only, and It works great! It's nice to have vertical
for the local 10M mobile guys and work late night groundwave with guys using
antron-99s, now that cycle 23 is cooling off.  I also use the loop for
circular polarization to reduce QSB fades as a multi-diversity antenna. Lots
of fun. If your interested, I'll advise you. The feed system  in not
"traditional" and took me a year to work it out and enjoy the 25 dB
isolation and broadband low VSWR.  Anyway, you did not mention if you are
using a tower. If so, a crank-up makes it easy, especially if the base is
against the house. I did it this way. It was easy to use a 12 foot A-frame
ladder on the roof, and add one spreader assembly at a time, rotating the 18
foot 3" diameter boom as needed. I did it with my 13 yaer old son (he's
tall!). I used #12 solid copperweld, and made no sharp bends. Soldered all
connections. Gamma match tuning is the best, since you can tune out all the
reactance on each band, assuming you have separate feedlines, as I do. Good
luck. Maybe we can chat on 20 meters early about 7pm before the band goes
long. Quads RULE! just having fun guys.
George AB2KC

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> Well, I just ordered a lightning bolt 2 element Quad (32mcq/wb)I ordered
> with a 3" boom for these nasty Indiana winters. What I was curious about ,
> I've never assembled or installed a quad and was just wondering if any one
> has any hidden secrets/suggestions or tricks of the trade that would make
> assembly/installation a little easier? Thanks and 73,
>                          Daniel Hileman N9WX
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