[TowerTalk] Friday Night Pizza at Dayton and Thanks Vendors!!!

Tim Duffy K3LR k3lr at k3lr.com
Tue May 13 15:56:43 EDT 2003

I am very pleased to announce that members of Yankee Clipper Contest
Club have stepped forward to continue their sponsorship of the Contest
Super Suite Friday Midnight Pizza Party! Contesters will be treated to
pizza this Friday at midnight on the 2nd floor, Miami room, Crowne Plaza
hotel, in downtown Dayton.

Many companies have stepped forward to support the Dayton Contest Dinner
and CQ Contest Hall of Fame presentation in Dayton next Saturday night.
Please extend your thanks to these fine organizations for their support
of our Contesting sport:

Radio Book Store - Radio Ware
RF Applications Inc.
K5DJ - Writelog
Sherwood Engineering Inc.
AN Wireless Tower Company
Idiom Press
Array Solutions
AY Technologies - Array Solutions
K0XG Antenna Rotation Equipment
Comtek Systems
CAL-AV Labs Inc. - Array Solutions
W1WEF CW Interfaces
ACE-HF - Array Solutions
Nittany Scientific Inc. - Array Solutions
TIC Ring - Array Solutions
International Radio INRAD
The Daily DX
The Weekly DX
Alpha Power
Force 12
TR Log
The American Radio Relay League
CQ Magazine
Ten Tec
Alpha Products
DX Magazine
Champion Radio Products

We'll see you in Dayton!

Tim K3LR

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