[TowerTalk] Erecting a 40' Universal tilt base tower

Red RedHaines at centurytel.net
Thu May 15 23:35:14 EDT 2003

I tilt my 60 foot Universal, with a rotator, 16' mast, tri-bander, and a 
VHF antenna.    I cast two pieces of steel, 1/2" X 2" X 1' and 2' apart 
into the base.  A gin pole (I don't know what to call it) hinges on 
these, on 1/2" bolts, on the side away from the tower hinges.  The Gin 
pole is 20' long, two 2 X 6 X 20' legs, braced with horizontal 2 X 6s 
between the legs and diagonal steel angle irons,' 2' wide at the base 
and tapering to 2" wide between the legs at the top.  A 1/2" bolt 
through the tops of the legs, spaced on a 2" long piece of pipe that 
serves as a spacer.  3/4" NYLON  rope from a tower leg at 20', to the 
gin pole, around the spacer, and back to the other tower leg (legs on 
the hinge side).  Twenty feet from top of gin pole to tower.  Another 
3/4" NYLON rope from a horizontal member on the loader on my tractor, to 
the top of the gin pole,  around the spacer, and back to the horizontal 
member on the loader.  

I tie another, lighter rope to the tower down to a hitch on my truck.  I 
release the third tower leg so it can hinge, take up slack in the rope 
to the tractor, and pull the tower off-center with the truck.  Truck is 
off the center line of the tower so neither the tower nor the antenna 
will hit the truck.  Lock truck in place; it will stop the tower before 
it slams into its base fittings as I pull it back up.

Turn antenna so short end of boom will touch ground before any antenna 
element does.  Stop before boom hits ground.

Gently let tower tilt, holding it with the tractor.  Don't let it go 
fast.  Gentle!!!   Place a strong support under the tower before working 
on antennas.  I loosen fittings on the antenna so I can rotate the boom 
to parallel to the mast if I want it lower.  I mounted the antennas and 
raise and lower this by myself.  That's the price of having no neighbors 
to complain about the tower and possible interference.

Pull it up with the tractor, until the rope to the truck comes taut, 
then let the truck move toward the tower to let the tower leg engage its 
base fitting and put the bolts back.  Remove ropes and gin pole and back 
to operating.

I calculated the maximum forces and found I have ample safety margin. 
 Use ropes that are not old, not exposed to sunlight, and are otherwise 
in good condition.

73 de WOØW

Alan Young wrote:

>I am in need of some ideas on raising a tilt over base, 40 Universal tower.  It is aluminum, with a rotator, 20 lb 9 ft. mast and a Force 12 C3ss antenna that is about 30 lbs.  The tower can be walked up hand over hand by myself without the ant, mast, and rotator, but we tried with 4 large people and couldn't get it past about 30 degrees.  No more leverage at our height.  Is it possible and wise to attatch a line at the 30' level, route it above the peak of a roof and use a vehicle to pull it up?  Any thoughts or suggestioins would be most helpful.
>Alan Young
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