[TowerTalk] EH Antennas and Dr. Demento, Gap 75/80?

Dinsterdog at aol.com Dinsterdog at aol.com
Sun May 18 15:51:47 EDT 2003

1.  Well the EH websites sure looked neat! I would comment that according to many who helped me a few years ago with an Isotron for 160M, most claimed my amazing radiation into places like Utah and Arizona from my Denver QTH were mostly off the coax feeding the antenna too- But it did work 11 states and XE and VE.................the design has since been changed-

2. Didn't mean to insult anyone by mixing the Gap with EH antennas, its just one website lead to another etc..........type in assymetrical half wave dipole antenna in your web browser and look what comes up- 

3-5.  The issue here is running an effective 80 meter DX antenna (one with a low angle), without the need for guys (under 25 or so feet) , without the need for radials (thus, a half wave design) , and without a high Q (no Isotrons), so as to work/hear real juicy DX into far away zones and exotic islands etc....from my puny yard in Denver at sunrise or EU's sunrise-

6. Many have brought up loop antennas for the receive antenna and keep a vertical that can take the power, be it a multiband like a Butternut or Hygain... Nope!  The vertical needs radials and besides, thats cat play...I worked several JA's with my Hustler 6BTV but only when I could actually hear the other station this past winter. Rare on most mornings......

7.  Hearing them was rare over the noise, thus, a need for a quieter antenna- Thus looking into Gap's claim of a quieter design etc.....I have the Titan, it's a lot quieter, and here we are! Har!

8.  Loop receive antenna......Not a bad idea except all the 756 series have a tendency to have their surface board mounted fuses blow up if anything is hooked up to their external antenna receive jack.  And they do not have A/B antenna switching like the old Kenwood 940's etc whereas you transmit on A and listen on B or visaversa....this circuit never fried but try finding a nice 940- .........so I am stuck with just one antenna port for rx and tx using my 756 Pro.  I guess I could manually push the A/B 756 switch but blah on that-

9. I know, go out and buy a 940 or send in your 756 Pro fer the 33rd time to get the circuit board fuse fixed- Gasp! No way- 

10. With it's design, I really think Gap's Titan, or a 1/2 wave 80M prototype, fits the bill. It's onto something- Could it be the new Gap 75/80M 1/2 wave blaster!!! I know, MFJ makes one sort of like this already...the 1792 for 40/80M which is top loaded BUT needs radials and guys-...But I need a center fed 1/2 wave dipole design, with no radials, for just 75/80M and I'll be happy! 

11. Yes, I have heard of the Sigma 80, saw one too.....I have no room for the guys needed to keep that puppy up- wish I did- I'm just a 80M junkie who can't give up his glory days using a home made 4SQR- medication is the next step- 

73  Paul  N0AH  

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