[TowerTalk] 80M attic antenna

Steve Katz stevek at jmr.com
Tue May 20 15:12:14 EDT 2003

If you have the space, I'd go with a full-wave horizontal loop, about 240'
perimeter (if square, 60' on a side), fed in any convenient corner.  Lousy
DX antenna, great local ragchew antenna, and almost NVIS when installed at
attic height!  Huge advantage in loop over any sort of doublet...no very
high voltage points to potentially arc to surrounding materials.  Another
advantage: Resonant on all harmonics, not just odd ones.  -WB2WIK/6

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> I have a rather large attic whereas height and space is reasonable to set
> up 
> a center fed dipole. Can anyone suggest the best configeration for setting
> the 
> antenna up for stateside ragchewing for around 3.900MHz +-200KHz.....and 
> also, any food for thought experience with antenna style and feed?  I just
> don't 
> want to go with an outdoor Inv V, wire,  etc....no restrictions, but for
> my own 
> preferences, I'd prefer to use the attic space and leave the outdoor space
> for my DX vertical needs-- BTW, Gap is working on an outdoor monoband
> vertical 
> for my 75/80M DX needs- will keep the reflector posted if it happens-
> 73  Paul  N0AH  
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