[TowerTalk]Combining ant elevation pattern data with propagation predictionstoproduce a contest bandplan

Kevin Stover rkstover at mchsi.com
Wed May 21 07:57:31 EDT 2003

Hi Jim,

I've been using Wincap Wizard 2 for a few years.
It'll do the standard SNR analysis plus give you a probability of success based on station attributes like antenna gain, take off angle, station noise level, SSN, etc.... It uses the IONCAP engine. The new version just out switches to the VOACAP engine for analysis. The programs are available from www.taborsoft.com.


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>I've been having a lot of fun trying to come up with a way of deciding 
>what band I should be on at what time in a contest.  I'm sure many far 
>more successful contesters than I do it from experience and intuition. 
> Not having a strong feminine side (anal, she called me) I try to use 
>logic and science as much as I can.
>If you just want to know what my question is, skip to the end of all 
>this stuff.
>Here's where I'm at.  
>I can run propagation predictions for various paths using W6ELProp.
>I can suck all the info into an Access database I have built.
>I can calculate a Figure Of Merit for each path on each band at each 
>time (half hourly intervals) based on predicted SNR and path 
>availability.  Whether the Figure Of Merit is realistic or not is a 
>separate question.  I think it is useable for comparison purposes.
>I can adjust the FOM to account for differing Rx bandwidths and, hence, 
>SNR for ssb and cw (or anything else).
>I can print a report sorted by band and then by time (ascending order) 
>showing, for each time, the paths whose Figure Of Merit exceeds some 
>chosen value (to reduce clutter), in descending order of FOM.
>I can assign a band, mode and antenna to each time (half hourly 
>intervals) and print a report which shows me for each half hour what 
>band I should be on, which antenna I should be using and which paths (in 
>descending order) are most likely to yield Qs.
>W6ELProp assumes 100W into a dipole facing in the optimum direction in 
>free space at each end.
>I now find myself about to add the ability to adjust the path SNR 
>according to output power and the, previously input, elevation 
>pattern/gain/loss of the assigned antenna.
>It occurred to me that, before I do this, maybe someone else has already 
>done the work, hence the following question.
>Is there an affordable program which will combine propagation 
>predictions and antenna characteristics and tell me, for any path of my 
>choice on any HF band, the likelihood of making Qs on that path? 
> Affordable?  $100    Not Affordable?  $500
>Please don't ask me how I'm doing this.  This is a work in progress and 
>time spent answering how-to questions takes away from the time available 
>to do the work.  Hope I said this in an acceptable manner.
>73 de Jim Smith    VE7FO
>See: http://www.mscomputer.com  for "Self Supporting Towers", "Wireless Weather Stations", and lot's more.  Call Toll Free, 1-800-333-9041 with any questions and ask for Sherman, W2FLA.
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