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Stainless is best for things like shackles, nuts, washers and lockwashers.
Hot dipped galvanized hardware lasts a very long time.  Electroplated
hardware (zinc) must be painted to avoid rust.  Avoid stainless steel
bolt/nut combinations that will need to be torqued tight.  There is a
tendency for the threads to gall, and once galled, the nuts are virtually
impossible to remove.  A good example to avoid is all-stainless u-bolts.

Keith NM5G

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The Home  Depots and Lowes in the Tampa area do NOT carry grade 5  either in

Galvanized or Stainless.  If you live in a fairly large city,   check the
specialty houses that carry just fasteners, screws, bolts  and  such.  The
only problem you may face is a minimum order,  generally around  $50.

Bill  K4XS

Bill's advise is best, but I am fairly sure I did but grade 5 bolts at
either Home Depot or Lowes in Fredericksburg, VA or Alexandria, VA.
So, maybe it varies with Home Depot and Lowes, and maybe not.  Look  for the
three tick marks on the bolt head.  Whatever I bought was  galvanized, and
not stainless.  I find the latter undesirable for the  price, because it is
too easy to paint galvanized hardware for long term  protection and it is
73, Steve

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