[TowerTalk] 160/80/40

Kirk Harding kirk.harding at cox.net
Sat Aug 21 10:36:58 EDT 2004

Hello Gang,

I have a U.S. Towers HX-472.  The base has been poured but the tower is not
yet erected.  The contractor hasn't yet completed my new basement game
room/storm shelter/ham shack.  

This is my question:  I purchased the inverted V bracket where I intend to
install something for 160, 80 and 40 meter operation.  My question is what
type of wire antenna to you recommend for operation on these bands?  Space
is not an issue.  I have a full acre to play with. What I'm considering is a
Carolina Windom but I'm open to suggestions.  Also, In regards to the
inverted V bracket; This bracket rides on the outside of the rotating mast
(just above the thrust bearing) that will support (have yet to purchase) a
Stepir 4. Do any of you have experience with this bracket?  I'm concerned
that the bracket riding on the outside of the mast will drag, putting undo
stress on the inverted V.  I've had email interchange with U.S. Tower and
they recommend users put a light coating of grease between the bracket and
mast. They say the amount of drag is small. Still though, I have concerns.

I solicit and appreciate your thoughts on these issues.


Kirk K6KAR/4

Niceville, FL





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