[TowerTalk] Radio Shack Type tower

Jim Johnston jimtj at nl.rogers.com
Mon Aug 23 13:52:17 EDT 2004

Hi everyone...

I was looking for information on the radioshack type tower http://www.radioshack.ca/estore/Product.aspx?language=en-CA&catalog=RadioShack&category=Tower+%26+Antenna+Access.&product=1508031that  have at my QTH, i.e. wind load, etc.  The closest thing that I can find on the net is at the following url: http://www.smi-elec.com/towers/gold_nugg.htm .  I am sure that some hams must use this type of tower...I am currently using mine in the following config:  First 10' section ~2-3' in the ground and set in concrete with an additional 2-10' sections, for a total current height of ~28'.  The tower is also braced on the house at ~ the 16' level.  I am looking to place a yaesu rotor, G800-SA, inside the tower on a home made rotor shelf, in order to turn a small HF beam like an A3S or TH3-MK4, which I would also like to mount on same.

What does anyone think?  I used a similar setup in Calgary with the same tower, only using 4-10' sections braced at ~20' and a radioshack rotor turing a 5element 6m cushcraft beam with no problems.  I am just a little more concerned with the greater winds here in Newfoundland.  I woul dlike to add the 4th section to bring my current tower height up to ~38' and if I had too, guy it between the 3rd and 4th sections for more stabillity.

jimtj at nl.rogers.com

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