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A building inspector in my area once told me, that in most cases homes
built by  homeowners are better built than those built by "pros".  The
reason: most pros are in it for profit and build to minimum standards.
That is the first reason why there has to be "inspectors" to keep the
"pros" honest and protect buyers.  Since most hams are not for profit, I
suspect their tower installations would be above minimum standards as


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i agree with some of the tower thoughts.....but i climb towers after
them over very well.

as to pros......i built my qth from the foundation up. the county ele. 
inspector was here 6 times before he passed me. he pulled open closet
outlet boxes 
to see if i used grommets where the wire  went into flores. lights. he
furnature too.
my  friend who is a local licensed electrician just shook his head in 
disbelief. each visit cost $$$$$ whether you passed or not. a year later
wired my neighbors house. 2 visits and they passed. unfortunately  my
could go into 1 bedroom and turn on the  ceiling switch  and the ceiling
light in 
the next room came on!! he could turn on bedroom #1 with #2s switch but
was a bit  inconveinent!
as  with anything safety first.but i'd climb a tower that a knowledgable
put up as soon as a 'pro' one.

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