[TowerTalk] StackMatch Controller Dimensions?

Keith Dutson kjdutson at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 11 17:38:28 EDT 2004

I have two sitting at home, but am presently at the office.  If no one has
responded when I get home I will measure and send.

BTW, the back has two holes, one for power cable and the other for control
cable.  I drilled an extra hole and installed two power plugs.  I also
enlarged the control hole and installed a Din socket.  Turned out real nice.
I will send photos if you would like to see them.

Keith WD5DXL 

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I'll be purchasing a WXØB Stackmatch (three, eventually) this summer, but
I'm right now working on a new shelving unit/console for my station, and I
want to allow "just enough" room to hold the controllers where I want them.
Can anybody that has one - the rotary, not the pushbutton version - measure
it for me?


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