[TowerTalk] StackMatch Controller Dimensions?

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This is a good question, but I see too many of these type on the reflector.
It seems to indicate that it's hard to get this kind of information from th
supplier.  Why not just ask Jay - he's the one who's going to make all the
money selling these things.  Wouldn't he go over backwards to provide the
information?  Have we become so used to poor customer service that the first
place we look for product information, even simple stuff like product
dimensions, is from other users?  I'm afraid that's my impression.

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> I'll be purchasing a WXØB Stackmatch (three, eventually) this summer, but
> I'm right now working on a new shelving unit/console for my station, and I
> want to allow "just enough" room to hold the controllers where I want
> Can anybody that has one - the rotary, not the pushbutton version -
> it for me?
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