[TowerTalk] Tribander interaction with XM-240

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Mon Mar 1 07:49:06 EST 2004

I've been offered a good deal on an XM-240, but am concerned by reports in 
the archives of interaction with the 15-meter performance of tribanders 
mounted nearby.  Unless I want to go through replacing the mast I now have, 
I'm limited to about 6-foot spacing.  Has anyone done this 
successfully?  Has anyone tried grounding the center of the reflector 
(effectively the only difference, electrically, from the 40-2CD)?  Nothing 
in the archives that I could find other than speculations that the 
reflector was insulated to somehow improve the pattern, hence grounding it 
would undo that.  I'll need to ground it electrically on 160m anyhow, to 
protect it when I shunt feed the tower, so a simple ground strap would be 

73, Pete N4ZR
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