[TowerTalk] Wall Street Journal BPL article response

Chuck Mills w3yni at comcast.net
Sat Mar 13 14:53:28 EST 2004

Seversl years ago, probably more like 5 or 6 the Wall Street Journal
published an article about a bunch of "archaic old men" using valueable
radio frequencies to communicate on such an outdated medium as morse code
when there were so many better uses for the airwaves.  Very very biased,
results oriented reporting.  No mention of the public service work done or
any of the "good" that radio amateurs do.  Of course there was quite a mess
on the airwaves at the time with 80m and such as this was before the
enforcement effort was stepped up but the idea that thet would "report" the
news in such a way was one of the defining moments in teaching a
20-something such as I was on how to interpret the news.

Sorry if this is off topic for the list but I thought it relevant to make
know about another shot across the bow of amateur radio that the WSJ has

Chuck / W3YNI
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> Congrats to David Sumner and the ARRL for their excellent "letter to the
> editor" published on Friday March 12 2004, Page A15, in response to a
> WSJ article that touted BPL.
> The original article touting BPL was published in the WSJ on March 2
> 2004, page B1 as I recall.  It was severely unbalanced in the sense that
> it only presented one side of the BPL scenario (that of the BPL industry
> itself).  My recollection is it had no mention of the "interference
> problem" that the technology causes to existing licensed services.
> In a service as diverse as amateur radio we may not all agree on every
> topic. But we should all take a moment to recognize the value that the
> ARRL provides in protecting our precious pass-band spectrum, as well as
> the spectrum in general used by public safety-military-and other
> services, from pollution threats such as BPL.
> Best 73, Scott W3TX
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