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     At the top of my tower's mast, at 80 feet, I have a Comet GP-15.  It is
a small stick, about 7 feet tall, that covers 6/2/440.  To connect to it
you'd need a triplexer, but Comet make them, too.  An alternative would be
the Diamond V2000A.  It, too, is a triband vertical, but I believe it's over
11 feet tall (and that guess might be on the low side.)  Diamond also make
the needed triplexer.  Both antennas sell at Texas Towers for $150.

     But don't give up on that Code!  You're missing a lot of the real
challenge and fu in our hobby by confining yourself to V/UHF FM.  Hope to
hear you on 80M soon!

73 de
Gene Smar  AD3F

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> Greetings Towertalkians -
> It's time to expand a bit, I just got a new radio.  I'm now the proud
> of a Yaesu FT-847.  I'm a lowly technician right now (cant seem to get
> down), so I'm focusing on what I can work.
> I have domestic issues to contend with, so I'm staying with omni style
> antennas for now.  I did get permission from my other half to at least put
> some kind of antennas up outside.
> Here's my question:  What would you use for antennas?  I want to cover 2M,
> 6M, and 70cm.  Do I go for a dual bander on 2M and 70cm, and use a
> duplexer?  What about decent 6M antennas?
> Hope to hear you on the air!
> 73,
> Troy
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