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Volume 2 Release
The Ham WorkShop Book Volume 2 is now available with another 22 Chapters
packed with a bunch more good ideas for your radio & antenna workshop
and "How-To" Tips. This is a companion book to Ham WorkShop Volume 1.

While Richard Morrow, K5CNF has many more of his usual clever solutions
and innovations, this 2nd volume has several more authors with
contributions from 5 different countries: Bruce Holland, VK2ZAD of
Australia, Charles, SV0LM of Greece, Dan Richardson, K6MHE of
California, USA, Peter Woodland, VK3KCG of Australia, Dr. Jef Verborgt
of Florida, USA (formally of Belgium), George Sharp, KC5MU of New
Mexico, USA and Igor Grigorov, RK3ZK of Belgorod, Russia.

Volume 1 Earlier Release
If you haven't already purchased Volume 1, it is another 18-chapter
publication by antenneX with a collection of chapters filled with a
variety of "RADIO-STUFF" of value to almost everyone in amateur radio
from Novice to Extra and those just beginning to take up this special

A special discount is available for the 2-book purchase. 40 chapters
packed with ideas and valuable tips! No workshop should be without these

For more info:

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