[TowerTalk] Heights "Clanging" noise at moderate winds

Roland Guidry, NA5Q na5q at w5ddl.org
Fri Mar 19 08:22:03 EST 2004

I helped K5UA, Charles, install 2 - 72 ft. Heights towers with 4 ft.
tiltover bases at his camp shack. Check out:
QRZ.com for pic.  He and I have not noticed this clanging sound that is
noted on this reflector. The tower does twist and sway some in high winds
though, and makes a creaking sound, but that is the extent of it. Seems
aluminum towers will sway more than steel towers, but they can be much
stronger and can take a good wind load on the top.

I would suggest checking out anything that is hanging off of the tower for
the noise and as one suggested, tilt the tower over and have someone twist
it from the top. You may find one bolt not tightened up that was missed or
worse a weld joint not done properly.

Roland, NA5Q

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>     I have an old (bought new in 1975) Heights 72 ft (18 sq ft rating) on
> 4 ft tilt base and don't have the "clanging" sound that you are talking
> about.  Wonder about the "fit" from section to section.  The sound may be
> result of the torque as the tower twists in the wind.  It almost sounds as
> if you have some bad welds.
>     I'm not sure that you can do anything about it in the air.  But, next
> time you tilt it over, take the antenna off, and try twisting the tower
> the top section.  See if you can identify where the sound is coming from.
>     Just a thought.
>             73
>             Bernard, WA4OEJ

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