[TowerTalk] Quad Design...

Dino Darling k6rix at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 21 23:04:51 EST 2004


I rescued an old Cubex 2-element, tri-band quad.  I would like to build a 
2-element 20 meter beam centered on 14.250Mhz for Field Day.  Knowing that 
this antenna is a compromise for the three bands, it is my belief that it 
could be optimized for 20 meter phone.

Would someone here be willing to MODEL a 2 element quad centered on 
14.25Mhz on a 12' x 3" boom using 14 gage wire?  Forward gain would be the 
most desired parameter.  Since this beam will only be up for 24 hours and 
pointed east, F/B is not a major criteria.  Bandwidth with the quad will be 
plenty and therefore a non-issue too.  Also, everything I've read says I 
need to use RG-11 as a matching transformer.  Can I feed this directly with 
50-ohm cable and a simple 10-turn balun?

I may have a longer boom available if you suggest a longer boom.  The ARRL 
antenna book says 13'.  I would like to know what YOU think!

I do plan on buying a modeling program in the future, but at this time, 
your help and suggestions would really be appreciated!!!!  Thank You!

Dino...k6rix at earthlink.net 

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