[TowerTalk] Steppir VS UV Light

Joe Subich, K4IK k4ik at subich.com
Mon Mar 22 22:52:59 EST 2004

> The one thing SteppIR should do, though, is include more of 
> the tape they use to waterproof the telescoping element sections. 
> They don't supply enough of it.  Anyone know where to get more?  

>From Fluidmotion: 

  "In event you need more silicone wrap, Home Depot carries Model 
   HTP-1010 Garden Bender Silicone Rubber Fusion Tape in their 
   electrical department, UPC code 032076560102.  Radio Shack and 
   Wal-Mart are authorized retailers for the brand we buy, Tommy 
   Tape.  You can also purchase extra from us at $7 per 20 foot 


   ... Joe, K4IK 

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