[TowerTalk] Steppir VS UV Light

Rick Tavan tavan at tibco.com
Tue Mar 23 08:03:07 EST 2004

When I complained, they sent me some more gratis and promised to 
increase the standard length. However, the antenna was already in the 
air, so I just saved the extra for use in the next maintenance project.

I was only about six inches short. Even if they did increase the 
standard a little, it would be easy to use just a little too much on 
each joint and still run out. Glad to hear their more recent advice on 
local sources. (And I hope they decide to increase the standard length 
some more!)

I've heard that some owners skip the tape because they use the antenna 
for portable applications like FD. They say the tubes stay nicely 
extended by joint friction. The tape is apparently an added precaution. 
That being said, I would always use the tape in a permanent installation 
and live with the potential aggravation of future disassembly.


N6KJ wrote:

>The one thing SteppIR should do, though, is include more of the tape they
>use to waterproof the telescoping element sections.  They don't supply
>enough of it.  Anyone know where to get more?  Also, it would be nice
>if you didn't need the tape at all.  If you ever want to break the
>antenna down and take it someplace all that tape is a real pain!

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