[TowerTalk] SteppIR installation

Martin Sole msole at loxinfo.co.th
Mon Jan 17 07:50:59 EST 2005

Thanks Pete, that is what we figured and we will be putting the EF140
perpendicular to the SteppIR elements. In this configuration do you think 6
feet is the minimum?

Martin - HS0ZED

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I have an EF-240S that is 6 feet above a tribander, and interaction was
severe until I turned it perpendicular.  That suggests to me that much less
than 6 feet would probably be asking for trouble on 15 meters.

73, Pete N4ZR

At 04:16 AM 1/17/2005, you wrote:

>Tomorrow myself, HS0ZED, and John, W2YR, will go to the shack of our 
>good friend Eddy, HS0/EA4BKA, to assemble and install his new 3 el 
>SteppIR. We have allowed ourselves a couple of days to complete the job 
>staying overnight in Pattaya which should be fun. I would appreciate 
>any comments or suggestions from those that have already been through 
>the process regarding anything we need to consider before starting. We 
>will install an EF140 at right angles, i.e. parallel to the boom of the 
>SteppIR. Is it okay to place this just a few feet away give the 
>orientation or do we need to be more careful?
>Martin - HS0ZED
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