[TowerTalk] remote operation

Van Fair giw at bellsouth.net
Mon Jan 24 15:13:03 EST 2005

I am not involved in remote operation but I do use a very good program called TRX-manager which is being used by a number of operators for full remote operation over the internet hundreds of miles away from the site. I suggest you join the yahoo  trx-manager group to connect with those that are already doing it. I control my rig, rotor etc in my shack with the program and it works great and the program owner provides outstanding no charge support like no other I have ever seen or heard about.  You can also go to www.trx-manager.com  for a full demo version and all details. N8pn is involved with this work and has wriiten a number of software programs that work with TRX-Manager for remote opertion. I would also suggest you look at his site www.telepostinc.com  for help.  73  Van W4GIW

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