[TowerTalk] Cablewave hardline question

Charles Johnson k4zrj at mindspring.com
Thu Jun 16 10:50:34 EDT 2005

I have several hundred feet of Cablewave FLC12-50J hardline. My question is this: can this stuff be direct buried? Is the covering non-contaminating? It is black, but I don't know what material it is. The information printed on the cable is:
Cablewave Systems 16733-810918-001 FLC12-50J 1300893 M 28830/3-II 07472 FT FLEXWELL

Also, am looking for new N type or PL-259 connectors for this cable. Andrews Heliax connectors will not fit this stuff, so am looking for the correct Cablewave connectors.

Thanks & 73, Charles, K4ZRJ

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