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dennis o'connor k8do at mailblocks.com
Thu Mar 31 09:21:55 EST 2005

Boy am I glad I'm too poor to live in nice areas like silicon valley...
Of course, being poor, I'm forced to live where you can buy all the 
land you can afford for $2400 an acre and the nearest neighbors land 
starts a quarter mile away from the edge of my lawn...  And when I was 
paying for the building permit ($25) I casually inquired what the 
permit fee for putting up a "TV antenna" was... He looked up at me, 
switched his chaw from one side to the other and said, "Now why wud a 
fella need a permit to watch TV?", then spit hitting the can from a 
good 5 feet away... ...
My kind of CC&R....  The "TV" antenna is at 150 feet...


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