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Jim Jones k0hy at comcast.net
Thu Mar 31 14:44:59 EST 2005

Gated communities do not keep common folks like me away from them, but 
keep them away from the rest of us normal people.  Outa sight outa mind!

73  Jim

dennis o'connor wrote:

>My daughter built in a gated community on a privately owned, PGA golf 
>course... She had to be approved by the CC&R committee before she was 
>allowed to purchase the land... The CC&R had a minimum house size, a 
>listing of house styles that were allowed, and specific materials list 
>that were allowed on the exterior - only natural materials, stone 
>brick, wood, etc., no vinyl/plastic of any kind, no aluminum siding, 
>and on, and on..  Building plans, architects exterior drawings, and 
>landscaping drawings, had to be approved prior to building, etc... And 
>yes, she can afford to build anywhere, but chose this highly restricted 
>place because it protects her investment in an upscale home from being 
>degraded by cars up on blocks across the street... No, she is not a 
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