[TowerTalk] Bandpass Filter system For Sale

SJ W3TX superberthaguy at adelphia.net
Tue Nov 1 16:22:33 EST 2005

Bummed out by harmonic distortion on your second radio during CQWW last

If so, I have for sale two (2) high quality BPF-6 W3NQN 200 watt (6 band,
10-160m) bandpass filter systems to help solve your
interstation interference problems.

I am the first owner of both units that I bought new from Array Solutions.
Each system
is in mint condition from my non-smoking home.

Each system has internally six individual W3NQN band pass filters, one each
for 10, 15, 20, 40, 80, and 160 meters, an SO239 input and output, seven
pigtails to attach the relay control lines to, and it is all housed in a
smart, aesthetic and functional metal enclosure that is easy to ground.  All
the switching between band filters is done internally in the box using Jay's
hefty relays, eliminating the need for the FM6 switching matrix (which saves
you alot of money and setup work!).  With your band decoder the switching is
transparent/effortless.  It can also be switched manually from a Six Pack or
other similar controller.

I have two (2) systems to sell. I will sell each system for $595 firm, by
Paypal or US Postal money order, CONUS
which includes trackable Fedex or UPS shipping.  This pricing saves you more
than $105 compared to buying the six W3NQN filters, one FM6 switching
plus shipping!  If you buy both I'll include a $25 discount since I'll only
have to pack one box.

73, Scott W3TX

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