[TowerTalk] Kashjian Towers vs. US Towers

James C. Garland 4cx250b at muohio.edu
Tue Nov 1 16:31:40 EST 2005

I'm moving to a new QTH and have been planning to put up a US Tower 
MA-770 with motor crankup and base, but ideally would like something 
a bit heavier duty.  Zoning restrictions limit me to a 8" diameter 
tubular tower.  I recently came across Tashjian Towers, who 
manufacture the old Tri-Ex line, including their Sky Needle TM-370 
(70').  It's pricey, but much heavier construction than the US Tower. 
I"d be interested if anybody has had experience with Tashjian?  I 
know it's owned by a former chief Tri-Ex engineer.  My concern is 
shelling out big bucks for a company that isn't well known.  Also, 
I'd be interested in any recent buyers of the MA-770.  Tnx, Jim W8ZR

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