[TowerTalk] RMC 1000 Remote cable

CubexCo@aol.com CubexCo at aol.com
Thu Nov 3 09:03:11 EST 2005

The remote control circuits are all low current, and any typical rotator 
cable of #20 ga wire will work fine.  I have the same tower and controller.   Be 
sure that the 115v lift motor power source can deliver the power needed as the 
starting load can be quite high.  I would use at least #10 ga. for that feed.
Norman W4QN

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I will be putting up a HDX589MDPL self supporting tower w/ motor drive and
the RMC1000 remote. I would welcome a recommendation on a cable between
the tower and the remote. The run is 100 feet and will be with other low
voltage cables. Power is supplied at the tower.

What do you recommend?
Thanks, Craig

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