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>  Any recommendations on how to take a crankup tower off the delivery truck
and transport to the back yard without a crane or 10 strong men? They are
heavy and need support on both ends and the middle to prevent damage. There
is less than 10 feet (probably closer to 7 or 8 feet ) between the house and
side fence so transporting it to the backyard on a car carrier (or similar)
is not an option.

    The problem is twofold - first you have to unload it from the truck and 
then you have to get it to the tower base. My preference is to get a crane in 
to do both. 

    If that isn't practical, then others have given lots of good advice about 
doing it more low-key; i.e. dollies, engine hoists, tow trucks, etc. Another 
option is to use a backhoe or rent a rough terrain fork lift; this is assuming 
they've got enough clearance to get thru whatever's in the way - i.e. fence 

    Getting it out of a covered trailer isn't too bad. Have your lifter 
equipment pick up the end near the door and then have the driver pull away until 
the tower is almost out. Lower the end to the ground, then pick up the end 
that's still in the truck and have the driver pull away again until the tower is 
clear and Bob's your uncle. 

    Picking it up in the middle is fine - just use some big straps and keep 
rearranging them until it's balanced. 

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