[TowerTalk] Taking delivery of crankup tower

Pat Chiles chilesp at adelphia.net
Thu Nov 3 09:56:15 EST 2005

I took delivery of a US Tower 555hdx last November.  I used a front loader 
(neighbor had one) to get it off the truck and move it to a pad.  I did not 
have to deal with width constraints.

I would not worry too much about bending the tower.  I bought a car towing 
strap rated at 5 tons and used that to lift the tower.  My first guess and 
attachment was not near the balance I wanted so adjustments were made.  I 
wound up attaching the ends of the strap about 6 feet apart and carried it 
that way.

I also collected ideas on what to do before I bought the tower.  The things 
that came up over and over were use a tow truck to lift and move it or use 
furniture dollies and plywood after lifting it off the truck.  One guy 
suggested 3 fifty gallon drums to move it.  Another gentleman suggest boards 
and a cut-up telephone pole to roll it on.

Be sure to inspect the tower very closely before taking delivery.  If it is 
damaged refuse delivery.

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>I haven't ordered the tower yet so I can't be totally sure, but it is 
> certainly going to be a 54/55 footer made by Tashjian Towers or US Tower. 
> It
> will be an HD lattice model OR it will be one of the old "sky needle" 
> types
> made by Tashjian. It will probably weigh about 900lbs and have a retracted
> height of about 23". Does that help?
> On 11/2/05, paul at w8aef.com <paul at w8aef.com> wrote:
>> What size of crankup tower are you talking about?
>> I have transported many towers and may be able to offer advice, but it
>> depends on the tower.
>> de Paul, W8AEF
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>> Subject: [TowerTalk] Taking delivery of crankup tower
>> > Any recommendations on how to take a crankup tower off the delivery
>> truck
>> > and transport to the back yard without a crane or 10 strong men? They
>> are
>> > heavy and need support on both ends and the middle to prevent damage.
>> > There
>> > is less than 10 feet (probably closer to 7 or 8 feet ) between the 
>> > house
>> > and
>> > side fence so transporting it to the backyard on a car carrier (or
>> > similar)
>> > is not an option.
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