[TowerTalk] RMC 1000 Remote cable

Barry Merrill barry at mxg.com
Thu Nov 3 13:17:52 EST 2005

If you havent bought the Remote control, unit, yet, don't.

I recommend that you will never want to be away from the
base of the tower when it goes up or down, so you can 
stop it when something goes wrong.  And especially with
the cable arms you get from US Tower, which are way too
short.  I've had numerous wind gusts push the cable
cluster back into the tower as it is in motion, and I've
had the cable wraps hang up and rip off one of the cable
arms when I was NOT at the base of the tower, so I now
always manually raise and lower the tower.

I also decided to remove the two middle arms (well,
one was already removed) and have a tether with bungee
cord to keep a light tension to keep the cable bundle
away from the tower, but, more importantly, so I can
control the cable away from the tower when lowering 
it on a very windy day.  The cable bundle is supported
at the top in one of those Chinese finger-torture
deals, so there's no strain on the bend.

And, what really frosted me for the $1000 option was 
the realization there was no feedback of the elevation
of the tower, other than UP or DOWN.  I had originally 
thought I could use the remote to experiment with 
varying height, but didn't look at the control unit
to see there's no elevation indicator.
But I'm less frosted now about that missing feature,
since the whole darn thing is useless and unsafe.


Barry, W5GN

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