[TowerTalk] Twinlead- Zepp

Tom Rauch w8ji at contesting.com
Thu Nov 3 14:14:51 EST 2005

> What is a center fed Zepp? how does it differ from a
> Bill


I can answer that for them.

People don't like to call a dipole that is not 1/2 wl long a
dipole, especially when it is multiband. A communications
standard dictionary I have defines a "dipole antenna" as an
antenna that is 1/2 wavelength long.

Since that is dipole used where it is not 1/2 wl long the
term "double Zepp" is pretty common, although my dictionary
calls a non-halfwave a "doublet antenna". I almost never
hear anyone use the name doublet.

I think the important thing is we all know what it is when
we call it a double zepp. We have more important things to
work on first, like the direction of true north.

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