[TowerTalk] Big Bang

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Thu Nov 3 15:51:20 EST 2005

Enough with this crap already. We scientists don't need to be lectured by
the Christian Taliban about science. Let's leave Towertalk to talk about

Thanks all


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> Interesting that those who claim to have no faith have more
> faith than many Christians.  For someone to believe that from
> the smallest particle in an atom to the immense size of the
> universe and all that is inbetween, happened out of nothing and
> by chance, that person has an ultimate level of faith and
> corresponding ultimate level of foolishness.  Science, just
> like statistics, can be massaged to a preconceived conclusion.
> "Big Bang" and Evolution are both based on the scientific method,
> and the latter has been quite well proven. Creation and Intelligent
> Design are both matters of faith."
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